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  • COVID-19

  • Why is it dangerous to leave hand sanitiser in vehicles?

    Leaving your hand sanitiser in a vehicle can become a fire risk. Most hand sanitisers contain an element of alcohol which is highly flammable and when combined with high temperatures can cause a fire. For this reason, we strongly advise you take your hand sanitiser with you every time you leave a vehicle.

  • Accounts & Joining

  • I have a non-Spain driving licence, can I still join?

    Absolutely. We can accept any nationality of driving licence for the duration that they are valid in Spain. You will need to validate in person at an authorised Enterprise location and bring verified contact information such as employment details or telephone numbers, proof of Spanish residency and valid identity card or passport. If your driving licence is written in a language and characters different to those used in Spain, an International Driving Permit is also required.

  • I have a paper format driving licence; can I still join?

    Yes. Paper format licences must be validated in person at an authorised Enterprise location.

  • I don’t have a Spanish National ID; can I still join?

    Yes. You will need to validate in person at an authorised Enterprise location and bring a valid passport.

  • I am validating my licence at an authorised Enterprise location. What do I bring?

    If you are enroling as a new member of Enterprise CarShare, you will need to provide your valid driving licence as well as your Spanish National ID, or verified contact information such as employment details or telephone numbers and proof of Spanish residency. Non-Spanish licence holders are required to provide a passport. If your driving licence is written in a language and characters different to those used in Spain, an International Driving Permit is required.


    If you are a current member, validating your license to maintain your membership, you may validate online, or simply bring your valid driving licence to an authorised Enterprise location. Non-Spanish licence holders are required to provide a passport. If your driving licence is written in a language and characters different to those used in Spain, an International Driving Permit is required.

  • I’m already a current member and you contacted me to validate my licence. Why?

    As part of your CarShare membership, Enterprise needs to see you and your driving licence, either virtually or in person, annually and prior to its expiration. You can complete the review by logging into our website or visiting our mobile app when the due date approaches. Your licence needs to be reviewed by the due date provided to avoid interruption of your membership.

  • How do I change my pin or password?

    When you first sign-up to Enterprise Car Share, you'll be asked to create a password and a pin. The password is for you to log in to your account to view, amend and create bookings, and the pin is used when you are in the vehicle to release the keys.


    You can change your pin or password at any time in your account preferences. Click here to find out how.


    If you have any questions, Member Services are available on 9008 10 066 or to provide assistance.

  • Insurance

  • Insurance - is this included?

    If you are a member of a corporate account, please check with your employer or Enterprise Car Share account manager for details about your insurance cover.

  • What should I do if I get into an accident?

    You must report any traffic accident involving personal injury, loss, damage, or theft to the police immediately and to Enterprise Car Share (on 9008 10 066) as soon as practically possible.

  • Do your vehicles have breakdown cover?

    As our vehicles are all new, reliable and serviced on a regular basis a breakdown is unlikely. However, all cars and vans are covered for breakdown and recovery assistance. In the event of a breakdown please call our 24/7 Clubhouse line on 9008 10 066. Please see the in-car handbook for more information and practical advice.

  • Driving

  • How do I get into the vehicle?

    On your first reservation, please place your Enterprise Car Share contactless card over the card reader in the windscreen and wait for the green light to appear. You can use most contactless cards (except for Monzo). After your first reservation, you can use the Enterprise Car Share app to unlock the vehicle from your phone.


    To get the vehicle keys, enter your PIN number (which you would have set when you joined) into the PIN pad located in the glovebox. During your reservation make sure you lock and unlock the vehicle with the vehicle keys as you would in any other vehicle.

  • How do I turn on the engine with a keyless fob?

    For security reasons, we've adjusted the proximity limits between the keyless fob and the engine start/stop button in our keyless vehicles. This means that for the vehicle to detect the key, the key must be held closely to the engine start/stop button. This will allow the engine to start up.


  • I've accessed the vehicle and got the keys... why won't it start?

    The vehicle will not start if you have not yet entered your pin into the pin-pad located in the glove box. It will also not start if you have not yet answered the question: ‘Have you checked the vehicle for damage?’ using the keypad to select either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


    These actions must be completed on the pin-pad in order to deactivate the immobiliser and allow you to start the ignition using the key. This applies to both manual keys and electronic key-fobs.


    If you are still experiencing issues please call Member Services on 9008 10 066.

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  • What if I'm running a bit late?

    Don’t worry; this happens to us all, which is why we make it as easy as possible to extend your reservation.


    You can extend your reservation from within the vehicles themselves by 15-minute increments. To do so simply press menu on the PIN pad in the glovebox and follow the instructions on screen.

  • Where can I park during my reservation?

    During your reservation you are responsible for parking the vehicle legally and safely, as you would your own. Any parking fees/fines are your responsibility and need to be paid directly by yourself. You cannot park in other car share bays or leave your own vehicle in a car share bay whilst on your reservation.

  • What happens if there is a breakdown during the reservation?

    In the event of a breakdown, flat tyre or other problem, call us immediately so we can dispatch our 24 hour roadside assistance.


    The vehicle must always be parked in a safe and legal location. Any penalty fine obtained as a result of illegal parking will be the responsibility of the member.

  • Do I have to bring the vehicle back to the same location I picked the vehicle up from?

    Yes, at the end of your reservation you must return the vehicle to the same designated location that you picked it up from.

  • How do I end my reservation?

    Once you have turned the engine off, simply open the glove box and place the key fob which is attached to the keys, in to the in-car pin pad and follow the on-screen prompts. Once completed and you have collected all of your belongings, simply lock the car by holding your contactless card over the contactless pad on the windscreen, or alternatively using our mobile app.


    The mobile app will not allow you to lock the vehicle over the booking time – in this instance, please use a contactless card. Once you have heard the car lock please check the doors to make sure they are locked before leaving.

  • Booking & Reservations

  • How do I reserve a vehicle?

    Our members can reserve on the go or in advance, at any time, using the website or mobile app. Extensions can also be made through the in-car computer, online, using our mobile app or by calling Member Services between 08:00 and 21:00 free of charge.

  • Can I cancel my reservation?

    Of course! You may cancel a reservation at any time.

  • For Business

  • How does the Enterprise Car Share work for businesses?

    Enterprise Car Share saves hundreds of businesses all over the country time and money by replacing expensive and time-consuming company cars, taxi and grey fleet with almost instant access to hundreds of vehicles nationwide. Say goodbye to processing per-kilometre charges and expenses claims, arranging safety checks for grey fleet and reserving taxis – just reserve online, unlock and go.


    Enterprise Car Share is a great compliment to an existing travel policy, especially if you have a lot of short duration (1-2 day) trips. Car share, or automated rental, is often more convenient and has a lower cost per journey compared to some daily rental programmes. In fact with Enterprise Car Share, we can also provide a dedicated booking tool; ETD, that will tell your employees when Car Share is the best choice and book it for them right there and then


    Once your business account has been set up, we will then contact the drivers you would like adding to the account. You then receive one monthly invoice which details all reservations by driver. Simple.


    Larger businesses can benefit from our bespoke solutions.

  • What's the difference between a personal and a business membership?

    When it comes to reserving and accessing our vehicles there is very little difference.


    Business membership typically includes several employees and can sometimes attract discounted membership and usage charges especially where the account requires dedicated support from an Enterprise Car Share account manager.


    We specialise in building bespoke travel solutions for our business members – guaranteeing their staff access to specific vehicles at certain times of day, using technology to make an existing fleet of pool vehicles more efficient or by building a suite of options combining car club access and daily rental from Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s nationwide branch network.

  • Are there special memberships for business accounts?

    Yes, we develop custom programs for businesses, governments and universities based on your organisation’s size, needs and goals. These memberships range from placing a few cars vehicles near your building, to offering a private fleet for your employees only.


    Reach out to us today and learn about how we can help your organisation save money, reduce emissions and be a leader in your community to be more efficient.

  • How do I sign up as a member on my employer's account?

    You can join by visiting your organisation’s location page or via a link provided by your employer.

  • What types of vehicles can be shared?

    We will evaluate your organisation’s needs and suggest specific car models for you to share. We offer a large and diverse fleet of newer vehicles, including fuel-efficient city cars, vans, electric and hybrid models.

  • Who can use the vehicles that are near our building?

    It depends on what type of program we have developed for you. Some organisations elect to have us place a few cars near their office but anyone in the city can use them. Other organisations have us set up an entire private fleet just for their employees and/or clients to use.


    Contact us today to learn more about what’s best for your organisation.

  • Does an organisation’s car sharing program include insurance?

    It can do, or you can provide your own insurance. Please contact us and we will discuss the full program and services available.

  • What happens if one of our members damages the vehicle?

    Business and Government Liability and Damage Waiver coverage varies by program. Please review your location details page or contact us for more information.

  • How do I remove a member from our business or government account?

    The account administrator can contact us to remove a member from the account. We’ll provide instructions for returning membership card or fob.

  • Other

  • Enterprise Holdings Safety Recall Policy

    Policy: When Enterprise Holdings receives such a safety recall notice and the corresponding Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), it is Enterprise Holding’s policy to not rent such vehicles until the manufacturer’s specified remedy or authorized interim repair has been implemented.


    Process: After receiving the safety recall notice, Enterprise Holdings identifies affected vehicles by VIN and then places a “mandatory hold” on them in our rental management system. This “hold” directs the recall work be completed before renting the vehicle. Sometimes manufacturers advise that certain recalled vehicles can be safely operated once an authorized interim repair has been completed. In such cases, Enterprise Holdings may rent vehicles after the interim repair has been completed – but only until the final remedy is available.

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