Enterprise Car Share: An Overview

Enterprise Car Share saves hundreds of businesses time and money by replacing expensive and time-consuming company cars, taxis and kilometre reimbursement (grey fleet) with instant access dedicated vehicles at their office(s).

Say goodbye to processing kilometre and expenses claims, arranging safety checks for grey fleet and reserving taxis – just reserve online or via the app, unlock and go.


Benefits of Enterprise Car Share

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce per kilometre reimbursement costs by <25%
  • Reduce pool fleet and increase utilisation by <70%
  • Reduce maintenance, repair or cleaning costs

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Reduce CO2 emission with greener/younger vehicles

Simplified Process

  • Analyse vehicle trip and employee driving data
  • Reduce personal/paper transactions with automated reservations and billing
  • Includes transparent vehicle trip and employee driving data

Reduce Risk Exposure

  • Mitigate duty of care and responsiblity, avoiding the possible liability of personal vehicles being used for business travel

Pass on Benefits to Employees

  • Reduce employee insurance costs
  • Avoid wear and tear on personal vehicles
  • Vehicles available to book in advance or at the last minute





Take advantage of some of the lowest CO2 emitting vehicles on the market - support your CSR policy, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your environmental credentials.

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Business travel couldn’t be easier for your employees.


Employees can join using the dedicated corporate link provided, enabling them to become Enterprise Car Share Members.


Employees can choose from any of the dedicated vehicles sited at the offices(s), simply pick the reservation start/end times, in advance or at the last minute 24/7.

Unlock & Go

Vehicles can be unlocked/locked by the mobile app or by using a contactless card (employee ID, cards can be enabled in some cases). The vehicle keys are located in the glovebox.



The vehicle must be returned to its original location at the end of the reservation.